2019 Rib King NYC Recap

Thanks to the incredible chefs, judges, and hungry guests who made Food Karma’s 2nd Rib King a huge success!

And the Award Goes To…

The 2019 Rib King is Sruli “Izzy” Eidelman of Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse Izzy’s Asian beef back ribs took home the trophy this year! Eidelman is also the previous winner of Brisket King NYC and recently opened an outstanding kosher barbecue taqueria in Crown Heights.

The People’s Choice Award goes to Gentle Giant Brewing Company and Barbecue featuring Matt Worgul and Alex Recchia.
This team came from Rockland County, New York to serve traditional beef ribs that won over the audience’s appetite. 

Honorable Mentions Include:

Best Traditional Ribs by Mable’s Smokehouse

Most Creative Dish by Pig Beach NYC

Best Presentation by Rib It Til It Smokes

Bad to the Bone for Kimchi Smokes

Read more about the event in a great recap from NYC BBQ Weekly

Thank you to our judges and the event’s curator, Sean Ludwig of NYC BBQ!

Left: Dara PollakRegina VarolliJean-Paul BourgeoisSean Ludwig
 Right: Leiti HsuAdam PochEd Randolph

Participants at Rib King NYC 2019 include:

Cash Only BBQ – Corey Cash

Cash Only BBQ is a relatively new operation out of Brooklyn that has lots of swagger and creativity and it is a favorite at local barbecue events. Owner Corey Cash had to recently close his small joint but plans to open a bigger one later this year in Brooklyn.

Hill Country Barbecue Market – Ash Fulk

Hill Country is one of NYC’s most important barbecue joints and one of the best you’ll find in Manhattan. Pitmaster Ash Fulk has been slinging great Texas-style BBQ for many years and previously competed on Bravo’s Top Chef.

Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse – Izzy Eidelman

Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse is the brainchild of Sruli “Izzy” Eidelman, a master of kosher barbecue and a previous winner of Brisket King NYC. He recently opened an outstanding kosher barbecue taqueria in Crown Heights and he is building an empire of inventive kosher restaurants

Gentle Giant Brewing Company and Barbecue – Matt Worgul and Alex Recchia

Gentle Giant Brewing Company is an acclaimed microbrewery and barbecue joint, representing the best of Rockland County. If you’re looking for one of the best beer and barbecue pairings in the Tri-state area, look no further

Mable’s Smokehouse – Jeff Lutonsky & Meghan Love

Mable’s Smokehouse has been a popular barbecue staple in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for nearly 10 years. Jeff and Meghan offer a blend of Texas, Kansas City, and Oklahoma barbecue with an emphasis on brisket and ribs.

Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue – Cenobio Canalizo

Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue moved to new ownership last year and executive chef Cenobio Canalizo and pitmaster Eric Springer have reinvigorated the menu. The dynamic duo will certainly bring their A game to Rib King.

Pig Beach NYC – Matt Abdoo

Pig Beach NYC has become one of the most exciting Brooklyn barbecue operations, with chef and pitmaster Matt Abdoo leading the charge.Q

Rub It Til It Smokes – Evan Burrows and Roberto Pastrano

The Rub It Til It Smokes (RITIS) barbecue team from New Jersey has been making fantastic food for years, all with the purpose of raising money to support charities and fundraisers.

Wandering Que – Ari White

Wandering Que’s Ari White is one of NYC’s leading kosher barbecue voices. White won Brisket King 2016 and he still hosts many successful pop-ups around the city.

Our Community Partner

Our events create connections among chefs, farmers, and the restaurant industry as well as support the greater community. This year Rib King NYC is proud to partner with Friends of Firefighters in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Friends of Firefighters is a 501c3 community partner.

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